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HydroChic Active Swimwear is designed especially for you, the active woman (or active-woman-to-be) and educated consumer, who wants a comfortable, high-quality athletic product that flatters your figure and gives you maximum sun protection.


 Mix & Match to Suit Yourself

Our team has designed a collection of active swimwear separates that allow you to choose the styles and coverage you want, to create the individual look that suits you.

 Sun Protection

Our fabrics are all tested to make sure that they meet the highest UPF standards. UPF stands for 'Ultraviolet Protection Factor'. Sun protective fabrics are most often rated for UPF instead of SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Good UV Protection is UPF 15 to 24. Very Good UV Protection is UPF 25 to 39. Excellent is UPF 40 to 50.
All of our fabrics have a UPF rating of 50+
For more information about the importance of sun protection, click here

 They look like activewear but which ones are also swimwear?

All of our products are designed for sports both in and out of the water. Because each piece is made of a high quality swim fabric, you can switch easily between water sports and land sports. The great thing about HydroChic is you can take a dip in the pool, dry off, and then get in the car to go to your next activity without having to change.

Whether you are at the gym, taking a swim or just out for a walk or a cup of coffee with a friend, you will look fabulous in your HydroChic!


All our fabrics are light weight and quick drying!

We offer two different active swimwear lines:

1) Our Classic Line is made from silky nylon/spandex fabrics that are perfect for the beach, the lake, a canoe ride as well as all of your land sports.

2) Our Chlorine Proof line is made without the spandex that slowly can be destroyed by chlorine and other chemicals that are in your pool. This soft polyester fabric, with two way stretch, is the smart choice for your daily laps, aqua aerobics, water parks and pool sports. It’s great for other sports too with its light weight, breathable, wicking fabric that removes sweat from the body. Wear it all day long in and out of the water.


Are you wondering what to wear under your rash guard top? No need to worry!  HydroChic offers you a range of swim/sports bras to wear underneath. These bras offer complete support in and out of the water. Because we understand that each woman is shaped differently, we offer a selection of styles and sizes so you can find the best fit. 

 Matching Colors

With our range of colors, it is easy to mix and match our tops and bottoms. If you are looking for the same color for your top and bottom, all you need to do is choose the same color description.

For example - if you have selected a “navy” top and you want a matching bottom in “navy” just look for navy in the color description of the bottom that you like. The colors in the pictures might not always seem like a perfect match because of the angle of lighting when the picture was taken. But you can be sure that if both items are color coded “navy”, they’re a match!


At HydroChic, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and highest quality standard garments.

Need help with figuring out your size? Our trained fit specialist is happy to help. Send an email to service@HydroChic.com or call 1-866-473-7933.

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