Sun Protective Bathers for Women Available for Australians

HydroChic is an American clothing manufacturer specializing in Sun Protective Swimwear for women (UPF50+ protection for all products).

HydroChic has over 100 tops and bottoms to choose from for any activity in or out of the water.

Tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched, layered, or worn separately to create your own outfit.

All prices are in US dollars and are shipped from the United States.

Wear your outfit for a swim, to the gym and then out for coffee. Quick drying, breathable, high quality fabric.

Sun Clothing & Sun Swimwear

Sun Protective Clothing & Sun Swimwear

Chlorine Proof

Plus Size

HydroChic Swimwear Benefits
- Feminine
- Sporty
- Sun Protection
- Supportive and Slimming
- Tops include swim bras free of charge
- Light Weight
- No layers
- Coverage
- Comfortable
- Quick Drying & Easy to care for
- Made for the water (swim skirts don't trap air)
- Wide range of motion for sport
- Mix and match pieces to make your own outfit
- Feminine colors and designs
- Chlorine Resistant & Chlorine Proof options

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