You have purchased a beautiful swim suit. Love you outfit by following the care instructions below. 

It is common for people to overlook or simply disregard the washing and care instructions found on the hang tags and in the package they receive. This almost always leads to the wearer’s disappointment and/or dissatisfaction. Whether you spend $50 or $500  on a swimsuit, taking care of your swimwear the right way is completely fundamental to its longevity.  Follow these steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful swimwear for a long time:

For our Chlorine Resistant Line of Swimwear (Made of our Xtra Life Lycra/Nylon fabric):

This line is made for the beach, the lake and a dip in the pool (but not for frequent pool swimming.)

The silky feel of this material and the spandex hold is why many women choose this line of swimwear but know that chlorine can ruin your swimwear by attacking the spandex in the suit. That is why we always suggest that you choose from our chlorine proof line for frequent pool swimming.


For all our swimwear

Rinse your swimwear in cool water after each wear and then hand wash it with a mild detergent when you get home. By rinsing your swimsuits in water, you will help to remove the salt, sand or chlorine. This is an important first step to take before washing you swimwear with detergent. You must wash your swimsuit with detergent every time you wear it, in order to remove all the chlorine from your swimwear.

 Avoid washing swimwear in washing machines. Although your washing machine may be set to cycle gently, it could still be too rough. Washing machines can ruin the shape, fabric, and padding, as well as any delicate embellishments. Therefore wash your swimwear by hand in cold water; warm water is acceptable too. Always use a mild soap. (Avoid using Woolite. The chemicals in Woolite may eat away at the elastics).If you swimwear still has a scent of chlorine, then soak the suit until there is no more chlorine detected.

Steer clear of rough surfaces in the pool : rubbing against textured pool walls or decks and any rough edges can ruin the smooth and luxurious texture of your swimwear. (This will prevent pilling.)

Avoid getting excess lotions and oils on your swimwear. Sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics can be harmful to swimsuits. Make sure to rinse and wash your swimwear as soon as possible if you do.

Gently squeeze the water out of your swimwear after washing. Be gentle and do not wring or twist your swimsuit roughly, as this could ruin its shape.

Dry your swim suit in the shade:If you dry it in the sun, It will fade.

Do not dry your swimwear in an dryer. Similar to washing machines, dryers can be too rough for the fragile material of swimwear. In a shaded and well ventilated area, lay your swimsuit flat out to dry. By laying it flat, you will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis can ruin your swim suit. Always pack an old suit for a dip in the hot tub or Jacuzzi.

Never sit on a rough pool surface , it will pick at delicate fabrics and you will see pilling. Make a habit of sitting on a towel or your hands,this way you do not have pilling. The more delicate the fabric, the easier it will pill.

These simple steps will become second nature in caring for your swimwear and you will be glad that you did!



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