Spring is here! It's time to take some time for yourself outdoors

March 22, 2022

Spring is officially here..... even if you are living in a place where it still does not feel like spring yet at all!!!

One of the best things we can do for ourselves (besides drinking enough water) is to go out and walk. Just moving keeps us healthy and taking just 15 minutes for ourselves once a day (or more) to get out and smell the rose buds, watch the trees and flowers bloom, the grass turn green and be in the sun (with sun protection please) is so good for physical and mental health. During an evening walk one may also catch a brilliant sunset which can make us feel great and grateful for the natural world around us.

We are living in a turbulent world and even if we do not have control of the world around us, we can take control of our everyday lives and make them better with each step we take for ourselves.

When we take care of ourselves we have more energy to take care of others. Being there for our family, friends and even strangers is an important way to be part of the world community but it all starts by taking care of our selves.

So go out there and walk!


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