HydroChic Athletic Modest Swimwear

HydroChic’s athletic modest swimwear designs are intended to facilitate mobility, agility and fun. Whether swimming, biking or hiking, HydroChic’s line of aqua aerobic swimwear allows you to be active and at the same time demure, perfect as relaxing modest cruisewear as well as active sport.

Our athletic swim skirts come complete with hidden swim shorts to prevent chaffing and for a more comfortable trip to the pool or other workout. More free flowing designs are also perfect for long distance running and other sports, including field hockey, basketball and soccer.

The quick drying element of our swimwear also makes for a perfect uniform for triathlons and other multi-sport events, letting you move from swim to bike to run with ease. Many of our designs can also facilitate sports in cooler temperatures, like our long-sleeve options, perfect for kayaking.

Our water aerobic swimwear is also manufactured with longevity in mind, made with chlorine-resistant material. With the active lifestyle in mind, Xtra Life Lycra fabric is silky and comfortable, a sweat-defying choice for exercise on the beach or at the gym that also provides UV sun protection.