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HydroChic - Sun Protective Active Wear for Swim & Sport

The Swimwear Revolution began in 2007....

.........And today, it’s all about options, not just any option, but a stylish, functional, comfortable line of water wear that makes us feel great, look great and perform well while we enjoy the water!

 Sara and Daniella

In 2006, HydroChic was conceived out of an epiphany, a vision that literally flashed before us one hot summer day. The inspiration came from many of you – mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who, like us, were out there donning men’s t-shirts and night shirts over our traditional bathing suits for sun or body coverage. On that day, watching women on the beach wearing those sloppy t-shirts, we realized that there was something missing in the market and we felt there had to be a better coverage solution. We asked ourselves what we would like to wear while swimming and went from there.  Hi, we, Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf, are the co-founders of HydroChic, Smart UV Swimwear™, designed for swim and sport.

We spent time researching fabrics, learning how to create and set up a business (no easy feat for two former educators and mothers), where to sell and most important- creating prototypes of styles that we felt were right. We went to the drawing board and drew up designs for our first tops and bottoms that we took to a manufacturer. By the summer of 2007, we were selling our HydroChic tops and bottoms to women around the world. Our dream was now a reality and the reign of the sloppy t-shirt came to an end.

One of our goals was to make sure that every woman, whatever her size and shape, would find in HydroChic, smart options that would speak to her. Initially, we were met with skepticism. The concept of women wearing items that looked like active wear and that were made for swimming was met with strange looks. Despite these reactions, we felt that there was a need for what we were offering and we forged ahead, determined to fulfill our dream, and today, thousands of garments and happy customers later, we can truly say that we have designed a line that resonates with women across the country and globe!

We would also like to thank you, our customers who whether seeking stylish sun protection, modest swimwear, water wear for aqua aerobics, warmth under diving suits, or simply comfortable, stylish, options for their walks and runs ,have found the solution they are looking for in the variety of HydroChic options that we offer. You have shared your stories and offered ideas that we have incorporated into our line so that every woman can find the smart swimwear that works for her. We are thrilled to be the catalysts of inspiration, spurring change in the lives of so many women by providing feel great-functional swimwear for them to become active in. Inspiring and impacting women in such a positive way is extremely gratifying for us.

We now ask, “What did we wear before HydroChic?” It thrills us to say that we can honestly only remember by looking at old photos!

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