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We would like to thank HydroChic shoppers who have given us overwhelmingly positive, unsolicited feedback!

" Thank you SO much to your company for my new swimsuit! I comfortably went for a real swim for the first time in 10 years! Looking forward to playing with my kids in the JCC pool today and not worrying about clinging, see-through makeshift swimwear in public. I appreciate you doing this giveaway! I look forward to spreading the word!"


" I am quite pleased with the quality of this item. Bigger sizes are hard to find. I liked the price and the fast shipment. "

Diane F

" I have never reviewed or commented on my purchases before(I shop almost entirely online) but I was so thrilled by my activewear which came today, I had to let you know! Fit great, look great and unlike some other companies I have ordered from , customer service is also great. Your Communication via e-mails on my order and its status were timely. Most importantly my items came when you said they would and they all came quickly. I'm still waiting for items from another company that I ordered months ago and it has taken 3 emails and 2 phone calls to get a response. So congratulations on your activewear and your customer service! I ordered plus size swim skirts and shirts(the bras included are an excellent and essential addition to the shirts) and I love them. I swim and do water workouts every day so to have function and style at the same time is really a first for this plus size swimmer. Keep up the good work"

Connie D

" I will definitely be ordering another one of these. I love it! "

Jana S

" Love the tops."

Dava S


Veronica D

" Thank you Hydrochic for providing modest swimwear. I really like the quality, fit, and quality. Absolutely the best comfortable swimwear that perfectly fits my body, believes and my age"


" Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the skirt I ordered from you several weeks ago. My colleagues and I have started jogging after work and it has been a Godsend. Thanks a bundle for providing modest fitness wear."


" I have not worn swimming wear for over 30 now 66...and am very excited to find appropriate wear for a woman of my age. My motivation has been my granddaughter as I did not want to miss enjoying the water with her...she is now 27 months old. Thank you so much!!!! "


" I had to write in and tell you. HydroChic is the most versatile clothing I own. I can do everything in it! I wore my HydroChic active wear on my cruise a few weeks ago, it was the best thing ever!! I wore my outfit all day, swam, dried off, ate my meals, disembarked at various destinations and felt so put together and attractive. Thank's so much for making such a versatile, chic line of clothes- I love it! "

S.M., Connecticut

" I just wanted to thank you again for your awesome swim clothes!!!! (A few months ago I ordered a swim top and the black capris from you via Skype in Indonesia.) "

Lisa T, Indonesia

" I just received my first order from you yesterday. This shirt and skirt with attached legs are the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my whole wardrobe. I am not exaggerating. The fit is perfect, the sports bra is the most comfortable bra I own. The weight an feel of the fabric are awesomely perfect! Now, when I swim, I will feel so much more at ease wearing this suit. Thank you for creating the most fashionable, comfortable products. "

Mary A

"I picked up my HydroChic swimsuits today at the post office. Just want you to know that they fit PERFECT ! I am so pleased with the fabric, the style, length etc. Your sizing chart is right on the money. Thank you so much for such a fabulous modest swimsuit. "

Christine R, Ontario

"Thank you for sending my unbelievable elegant really truly chic so fast , I'm 73 years old well chic and young I did buy many swimsuits but felt so uncomfortable, and I have to swim because of my arthritis, but had all the excuses not to go, and I did always feel down. But !WOW! when I got your HydroChic wear, I got so exited that I called all my team swimming friends and said tomorrow I am coming. I did not have any excuses anymore and wow! I am going to look very chic thank you so much."

J.B., FL

"I just wanted to write and let you know how great your products are. I bought a top and skirt for my trip to the Bahamas, and they really helped make my vacation great! I was able to go swimming, snorkeling, go on water slides, go to the beach... and I didn't have to worry about what to wear. It was really comfortable, and I've recommended it to all of my friends and family."

S.G., NY

"A belated thank you for getting my suit to me in time for my trip! A bit of a testimonial: The two suits were great - they provided great coverage from the sun without feeling too hot or needing an extra layer. I felt covered up enough to be comfortable enjoying the water and the sun, at the same time stylish enough that I didn't look strange and stand out. Anyway - thanks again and good luck with the new line."

A.N., OH

"I wore my HydroChic water sportswear for the first time today, from 8am until 4pm, and it was sooooooooo comfortable!!It helped keep me cool, and I looked funky too! A few people asked me where I got my outfit from & I referred them to this site. Love it love it love it, want more.."

Sarah R., NJ

"I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I am so so so excited. Today is my birthday (!!) and I am taking the kids to Walden pond and I am wearing the bottoms. How can I get a top asap? I can't believe how good the product is because it's modest and also looks like a bathing suit not a dress you all of a sudden go into the sea with--it'll take on the nation!!"

Atarah G., MA

"I am impresses with the staff and helpfulness of all at HydroChic!"

L.E., England

"I don't usually rave, but..........your modest bathing/everything outfit brought my vacation to a whole new carefree level! Thank you! You have revolutionized swimwear for the modest crowd."


"I appreciate how quickly the shirt arrived & also it was the best quality I've ever seen!"

H.S., PA

"I have to tell you about the success of Hydro chic since I met D and her mom in Hershey Park last summer. I bought 2 swimsuits. Then I bought one for my mom. She bought one for herself and one for my sister in law. Then my sister in New York saw ours and bought one. Since then my friends in Toronto have seen mine and ordered them. But the latest is that I wore it to a water park and got tons of women writing down the website on scraps of paper so they can order!!! So many compliments… and I love wearing it. It’s like a walking ad when I wear it!"


"Just wanted to tell you thank you for a wonderful product! I have been searching for a truly modest swimsuit that was also sporty and did not look just plain silly. My Hydrochic suit is amazingly comfortable and gives me complete peace of mind that everything is being covered at all times....and yet it looks sporty and I do not stand out. I can now comfortably participate in swimming and water activities while demonstrating modesty to my children (and others). I have told so many people about you! Thanks you again for this terrific swimsuit. It was totally worth it."


"I really do love my Hydrochic swimsuits. They are comfortable, cooler than bare skin when wet and in a breeze, and very comfortable. I had some doubts about frog kicking in a skirt, but my skirted suits are the next best thing to skinnydipping. I'll order more soon."


"These big girl water capris are great for kayaking, jet ski, cycling and swimming! Thank you for great product and service."

D.B., NY

"It's extremely hot in Australia now. Useless to say that we are EVERYDAY at the pool or the beach. I will add that EVERY TIME I get ready to go swimming and put on my hydrochic swimming gear I BLESS YOU!. I L O V E my bathers. I used to be uncomfortable taking my kids to the beach/pool because I could never find something tsanooa and that didn't look ridiculous to wear. NOT ANY MORE. You mention beach and I'm the first one to run. Thanks!"

S.L., Australia

"Thank you, and I am glad to know that this company is around. This was my first visit to your website, and I am very impressed. The quality looks very good. I get so defeated when there aren't choices about what to wear, and I LOVE to swim. Thanks again!!!"


"Thank you! I received my outfit in the mail yesterday & just wore it swimming today. Wonderful! You are right about not wanting it too loose. I had tried it in a couple sizes smaller, but for me the 4x is great – loose enough & long enough (I am almost 6’) to be tzniyus in public (I do not wear short or tight fitting clothes) Kol Hakavod to you! This was ions more comfy than my ad hoc solutions. All the best!"


"I just wanted to say that I love my new suit. It's fashionable, modest, and really comfortable. I could never find a suit that offered as much coverage as this one without being frumpy. Also, it only took three days to arrive. I will recommend this site to all my friends and I will definitely be back to shop for another suit. Thanks again!"


"Hello! I ordered a suit on Monday. It arrived on Thursday!!! I was not only shocked at the speed of delivery, but I was thrilled with the quality of the product. The suit is amazing. It looks great, fits perfect and offers me the modesty and sun protection I wanted. Thank you so much! I will be directing many friends to your website."