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Review from Heather at She Shall Be Called Woman's Blog

Modest Swimwear Hard to Find ??

By Heather at She Shall Be Called Woman's Blog

The following is a review of "...the best modest swimwear I have ever found!".

I don't know about you, but I have spent years trying to find something appropriate to wear swimming other than shorts and a shirt. Every time we go down to our local swimming spot at the river, I wear a pair of shorts that I have specifically for the river and an old t-shirt.

Are they comfortable? No. Do I feel attractive? No. Do I feel like I'm dressed appropriately? No. I never wear shorts, so that in itself makes me uncomfortable.

If you knew me about 20 years ago, you'd find me at the lake in a bright yellow bikini which was my favorite one. The whole point of being out in the sun was to get some great color wasn't it? The more skin that was exposed to the sun meant no tan lines. How stupid was that?

Fast forward 20 years.

Do I want that much sun? No

I now see the damage that I allowed the sun to do for several years and do everything I can to make sure no further damage takes place.

That takes me to this AWESOME swim suit that I just got and am extremely excited about!

Here is the top I got ....

A big plus to to this top is that it's 100% chlorine resistant. Can you believe that? No more faded colors! I love that. Of course there isn't any chlorine in the lake or the river, but we travel occasionally and I will enjoy this suit in the pools too.

Notice the sleeves? They have some with long sleeves and some that are sleeveless also. Great stuff to choose from.

The other thing I like about it is that it is very flattering to the figure. My figure is not what it used to be in the days of the yellow bikini, that's for sure. Even if it were, I'd never wear such a thing now. What I can tell you is that this swim top is the MOST comfortable piece of fabric I have ever known. Truly incredible.

The other wonderful thing about this top, is that it comes with a sports bra for added support and coverage. This isn't one of those flimsy sports bras you find at Wal-Mart or your local sports store. This one is made with everything thing we worry about, in mind. Did I put that right? You know how we worry about coverage and support and comfort? It covers that. No more worries! I won't include a picture of them here, you can find them by clicking on the top picture.

Here is what the description of this top says on HydroChic's site:

A cross trainers top for every activity in or out of the water. This top is made to keep up with any active lifestyle. This rash guard offers sun protection for the outdoors, 100% chlorine resistant fabric for the pool, and dries quickly to keep you comfortable. Included sports bra gives you added support for any activity.

My most favorite piece of this swim suit is the skirt. Well, it's called a skirt, but it has leggings under it too, look!

Isn't that neat? The look of a skirt, with leggings. And talk about comfortable!

Here is their description which says it completely for you:

Swim Skirt includes attached pants. The light weight quick drying material is sun protective. Wear it in or out of the water for any activity, its made to get wet but quick to dry. Great body coverage and sun protection all in a cute skirt. Mix and match with many of our tops to make your own outfit.

Great body coverage and sun protection!

Ding ding ding, that tells me all I need to know, plus it is incredibly comfortable on top of all the other great qualities.

Water, here I come! You see, even though we spend a lot of time playing in the river, I never get to enjoy it fully because of feeling uncomfortable and inappropriate. Wet clothes are extremely uncomfortable and they do not dry fast at all.

Not enjoying swimming has been such a huge change for me since I practically grew up in the water. We lived in a coastal town of southern Brazil and spent every Sunday morning on the beach. (There wasn't any church on Sunday mornings there at the time, church was always in the evening after it cooled down.) Back in the states, in high school, I swam on the swim team for years and after school I spent time every week at the lake.

Water has always been a big part of my life, but how I conduct myself around it now has really changed. Learning to practice discretion and still be able to enjoy swimming has been difficult for me, never knowing quite what to do in order to be dressed appropriately, be comfortable, and to protect my skin from the sun.

Now, I no longer have to worry about all that! What a relief!!