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Review from Morgan at Aunt Morgan's Blog

Time for…swimming?

By Morgan from Aunt Morgan's Blog
The following is a review of "..absolutely the cutest modest swimsuit I've ever seen".

This is sort of a “wrong-time-of-year-for-this-post” kind of post but it’ll make sense in the end. Maybe. ;) Plus most of it has been in my drafts since June. Not kidding. :shock:

This year we had a swimming pool for the grandkids here at our house. :) Technically, it wasn’t for the grandkids you know, but Spencer and I made the argument that we are both in our 20's and we never had a swimming pool until this year and the kids are (then) 5 and 3… :lol: But for the grandkids or not, since I happen to live here I took full advantage of having a pool!! :) It’s was a ”small” one-10 ft and only about 16? deep but still plenty big enough to cool off in.

Having a pool presents the (almost) age-old question of what to wear when swimming. (Note the word “swim” is used loosely here…I couldn’t quite float in it never mind swim! :) ) The pool was in our backyard and we had a petition up between us and the neighbors so nobody could actually see us in the swimming pool but at our house you never know when someone is going to randomly stop by. And if someone comes to our back door and you’re in the pool, you’re stuck. So, what to do?! I’ve seen some cute swimsuits that are basically “modest”…but honestly, I just don’t quite get the logic of how clear, transparent water makes an outfit okay when you wouldn’t wear it outside of the water! :P When we first got the pool I wore wearing my blue-jean skirt (a lightweight one) and a sleeveless Tshirt which worked pretty well overall.

But then I discovered HydroChic.

Actually on accident-I wasn’t hunting a swimsuit, I was reading an article that a friend posted on FB and at the bottom of the article it had a link to HydroChic. I clicked to their site and was amazed. I have never seen such cute, modest swimsuits!

But they were way out of my price range. :P

SO, I splurged. :) :lol:

Before you go to the site and freak out, I have never paid this much for a dress or any other kind of outfit as I spent on this swimsuit but it’s not outrageous. And, considering how many days I was in the pool this summer (sometimes three times in one day!) plus it’s not something that I’ll outgrow this year so I reasoned that it was a worthy buy.

Oh. my.

I looooove it!!!

It is absolutely the cutest modest swimsuit I’ve ever seen. When I got it I threatened that I was going to be one of those people who wear their swimsuit to the State Fair… ;)


And not only is adorable but the material is UV 50 so it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun 50 times more than non-UV material. (The shirt is also a rashguard shirt.) AND, I can get up out of the water and in about 20-30 seconds it’s not clinging at all and in about 10 minutes it’s hardly dripping. I got all wet and then stood up to tie the drawstring on the shirt and you can see in this picture how it doesn’t even look wet.

I really can’t recommend this company enough if you’re looking to buy a swimsuit!! I actually won another one (on a blog contest!) later on in the Summer and it is just as terrific as this one. (They come in a variety of styles but I chose my second one to be the same style as this one except in a navy blue.) And you can mix and match the tops and bottoms-they have several in cordinating colors!!