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Modest Swimsuit Reviews of HydroChic Swimwear

The following are reviews of HydroChic swimwear. HydroChic manufacturers over 100 modest swimwear and activewear tops and bottoms, with something for everyone. When shopping use coupon review10 to save 10% on your order.


Review from Mayim Bialik at Kveller

Modest Bathing Suits for the Win

By Mayim Bialik
The following is Mayim's account of finding the perfect modest bathing suit for all her swimming needs.

"I am here to tell you people that I am now the proud owner of a bathing suit that has changed my life. The company is HydroChic, and the suit I chose (they have a bunch) literally has made me feel part of an active water life again with absolutely no self-consciousness about revealing too much. I am a very active person, and I never thought I would swim so comfortably in a modest bathing suit, much less KAYAK (yes, kayak) or SNORKEL (yes, snorkel) or just LOUNGE COMFORTABLY (yes, lounge comfortably)! I have the long sport skirt and the "baseball style" top to match, but they have a ton of choices, including a shorter frilly skirt and even short-sleeved tops. The material is all sun-proof2.."

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Review from Morgan at Aunt Morgan's Blog

Time for…swimming?

By Morgan from Aunt Morgan's Blog

The following is a review of "...absolutely the cutest modest swimsuit I've ever seen".

"I've seen some cute swimsuits that are basically "modest"…but honestly, I just don't quite get the logic of how clear, transparent water makes an outfit okay when you wouldn't wear it outside of the water! :P When we first got the pool I wore wearing my blue-jean skirt (a lightweight one) and a sleeveless Tshirt which worked pretty well overall. But then I discovered HydroChic. Actually on accident-I wasn't hunting a swimsuit, I was reading an article that a friend posted on FB and at the bottom of the article it had a link to HydroChic. I clicked to their site and was amazed. I have never seen such cute, modest swimsuits!"

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Review from Heather at She Shall Be Called Woman's Blog

Modest Swimwear Hard to Find ??

By Heather at She Shall Be Called Woman's Blog

The following is a review of "...the best modest swimwear I have ever found!".

"I don't know about you, but I have spent years trying to find something appropriate to wear swimming other than shorts and a shirt. Every time we go down to our local swimming spot at the river, I wear a pair of shorts that I have specifically for the river and an old t-shirt. Are they comfortable? No. Do I feel attractive? No. Do I feel like I'm dressed appropriately? No. I never wear shorts, so that in itself makes me uncomfortable. That takes me to this AWESOME swim suit that I just got and am extremely excited about!"

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